4oh!4 Gathers for First Time on Sunday

1 (1)4oh!4, envisioned as a place where folks of various backgrounds can talk about matters of spirituality over a simple meal, meets for the first time Sunday afternoon at 4:04 p.m.
“I’d love it to be an interfaith and ecumenical gathering where no one feels the pressure of right belief or worry about who’s right or wrong,” explains Tim Graves, the pastor of the Condon United Church of Christ.
The Facebook page of 4oh!4 describes it as “spirituality without pressure: no sermons, no pressure, no baloney.” For more information visithttp://www.facebook.com/4oh4Condon, email 4oh4Condon@gmail.com, or call or text 541-256-0565.
The United Church of Christ will not hold morning services on Sunday, October 26. Instead members and friends are encouraged to attend the 4oh!4 gathering at 4:04 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the basement of the UCC.

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