“I’ve Come Alive!”

Sharon Hamner

Sharon Hamner

Freshly back from Pendleton, Sharon Hamner will share her experiences from the Annual Meeting of the Central Pacific Conference, United Church of Christ. “I’ve come alive!” she exclaimed. Sharon will deliver the message on Sunday including photos from the event. The theme of the event was Come Alive! Passion & Vitality in the Local Church. 

The Rev. Cameron Trimble was the keynote speaker. Cameron asked, “What if every community with a UCC congregation was healthier than those without one?” She encouraged the gathered to dream on a scale worthy of our lives. Tweeting from the Annual Meeting, Maggie Sebastian paraphrased Cameron, “What if the United Church of Christ were the denomination of the 99%” Cameron reminded the group that getting a not-for-profit tax break comes with a responsibility. How are we reinvesting our tax break back into our communities? she asked.

In addition to Sharon’s reflections, we will use the same communion litany used at Annual Meeting. We will also learn one of the songs sung at the meeting. You can listen to a version of the song we will learn below.

The scripture text for Sunday is Philippians 2:1-12.


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