He Ate With Who!??

Mark’s version of the gospel moves along quickly. He’s fond of the words translated to English as “suddenly” and “immediately.” Last week, we explored three stories of healing. (You can read that sermon here.)

This week we have another sequence of three stories: a healing, Jesus eating with sinners, and questions from people about why his disciples don’t fast like John’s disciples and the Pharisees. Each of these stories allows the hearer/reader to learn something new about Jesus and his ministry.

In the first, friends of a man are so devoted (and convinced of Jesus’ ability to heal) that they break open the roof and lower the man down to Jesus. We also learn that not only God but Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.

In the second, Jesus is challenged for eating with tax collectors and sinners. He reminds the questioners that healthy people don’t need a doctor.

In the final story, Jesus is again challenged. This time people yearn for the old ways of doing things. They want to know why his disciples don’t fast like John’s disciples and the Pharisees do. Jesus points out that new wine (his teachings) belong in a new wineskin to be valuable.

Please read the stories of Mark 2:1-22 and reflect upon who Jesus is to Mark and who he is to you.