The Joy of Small Churches



We live in a breathtaking area of the country. The big skies, the yellows, the pale greens, and the flowers in the spring keep us connected to the earth in ways that city living can never do.

I’m reminded of this as I journey between Condon and Maggie’s apartment in Tualatin with its endless retail and traffic. You can buy just about anything you want in Tualatin if you have the money.

But you can’t buy the quiet of a canyon.

You can’t buy the connectedness of a small community like Condon. Small communities offer things big cities cannot.

The same is true of big and small churches. Big churches with their bands and large choirs, the multitude of study groups, and the large staff are a lot like the big city. You can get just about anything you want except…

You can’t get knowing everyone’s name. You can’t get the closeness that allows anyone who wants, to be a  part of decisions. You can’t get the deep relationships between people grounded in a place.

Over 80% of the churches in our nation are small. That means that God is doing most of God’s ministry in places like the Condon UCC. God doesn’t expect us to do it all, only our part of the puzzle. No, we can’t do the big, flashy, grandiose ministries that a big church can but is that what you really want?

Please pray each day this month not that we should become something we’re not — a big church — rather pray that we do the ministry in our community that only we can do. Pray that we continue to matter and make Condon and Gilliam County a better place to live.

See you Sunday,


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