Interim Pastor David Zaworski begins ministering with Condon UCC

Greetings! This will be a very short post, just to say I’m here and jumping into Condon life and the work of the church.

I’m still very much in the midst of unpacking into the parsonage and just beginning to find my way into the workings of the church. I have my Gilliam County Library card.  I’ve introduced myself to a number of folks around town. My first worship service here as interim pastor will begin in just over an hour.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll plan to do a bit of updating of this website and have a few more thoughts to post in this blog space.

I’m delighted to be here as interim pastor of Condon United Church of Christ. I look forward to being in touch with you!

Blessings always,
Pastor David Zaworski

What Did You Find at the Rezaar?

What Did You Find at the Rezaar?

You never know what you’ll find at the Condon UCC Rezaar. Nichole Schott of Condon found a tree skirt that her aunt made for her great-grandmother over 45 years ago! Writes Nichole on Facebook, “I went to the UCC Rezaar today. I almost forgot to go, so it was after 2 pm when I got there. Thankfully, no one had chosen the best possible item there.”