Neighbors in Need: No Child Should Go to Bed Hungry


Neighbors in Need: No Child Should Go to Bed Hungry

Our annual collection for the UCC Neighbors in Need Special Offering will be collected on Sunday, Oct. 30. Neighbors in Need supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. One-third of NIN funds support the Council for American Indian Ministry(CAIM). Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries(JWM) to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects through grants. The emphasis this year is on child hunger concerns.

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Praying for Our Nation

A service of meditation and prayer for our nation will be held at the Condon United Church of Christ at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday,  October 23. “This election has been particularly harsh and divisive. Whatever happens, we will need to come together as one people after election day,” says Rev. Tim Graves, UCC pastor.9012402-large

The service will not be about particular issues or candidates. It will be a time to be with the divine praying, lifting up intentions for wisdom, and guidance in our decision making. “Though we are unapologetically followers of Jesus at the UCC, we will incorporate sacred and secular readings from multiple faith traditions in addition to the Bible,” says Graves.  “We will focus on the human unity the One dreams for us.”
Questions about the service can be directed to the pastor at or 541-256-0565. Please leave a message if the voice mail picks up.

What is Member?

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” ― Ani DiFranco

We have many parts in one body, but the parts don’t all have the same function.  In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other. – Romans 12:4-5 CEB

The Church Council is reviewing and working to update our church bylaws and constitution. Changes are being tackled piece by piece and will likely take over a year. The first proposed revision is about what constitutes membership in the Condon United Church of Christ.

Please read, pray, & reflect on the discussion document and come to Church Council on Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 p.m. All friends, members,  and others are encouraged to be a part of this important discussion.

You may read the discussion document and download a copy on the church website: or pick up a paper copy at the church or request one be mailed to you.

4oh!4 – Caring for Loved Ones

This Sunday, Sept. 25 is 4oh!4 at the Condon United Church of Christ. Our topic this month is Caring for Loved Ones, led by Magdalyn Sebastian. We will share stories, look at the spirituality of caring, and practicality of being a caregiver for another. Join us at 4:04 p.m. for good talk, good friends, & good food. (Remember, no morning worship on 4oh!4 Sundays.)


Fall Season Scripture Readings


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.28.46 AMBelow are the scripture readings and anticipated sermon titles for the fall season between now and the start of Advent (Nov. 27). Please read along and join us in online discussion each week at: . Expect to request permission to join the group.

Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016
Scripture: Gen.2:4b-7, 15-17; 3:1-8
Sermon: Falling in Hate

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016
Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6
Sermon: Pie in the Sky Stars

Sunday, Sept. 24, 2016
Scripture: Genesis 37:3-8, 17b-22, 26-34; 50:15-21
No morning worship. 4oh!4 at 4:00 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016
Scripture: Exodus 12:1-13; 13:1-8
Sermon: Signs of Our Faith

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016
Scripture: Exodus 32:1-14
Sermon: Distracted from Love

Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016
Scripture:  2 Samuel 7:1-17
Sermon: Not Our Job

Sunday, Oct. 24, 2016
1 Samuel 1:9-11, 19-20; 2:1-10
No morning worship. 4oh!4 at 4:00 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 31, 2016
Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1-24
Sermon: How Will They Know?

Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016
Scripture: Jonah 1:1-17; 3:1-10, 4:1-11
Sermon: Creating God in Our Image

Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016
Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8
Sermon: Whom Shall I Send?

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016
Jeremiah 36:1-8, 21-23, 27-28; 31:31-34
Sermon: The Instructions Within

Baby Moses Rides the Waves

bible_moses_reeds (1)We will continue our summer series about childhood Bible stories, “Through Adult Eyes” this Sunday, July 31st. This week we will focus on the story of Baby Moses in Exodus 2:1-10. I found this video while I was looking at childhood cartoons of the story. It made me chuckle and cringe a bit if I’m honest. Thought you might enjoy it, too.